We are currently accepting applications for an experienced Carpet Cleaning Technican.

 Please fill out the small form below and submit your resume if you have one. Don't forget to hit the   submit button after the form is filled out and to fill our all questions that have a * red asterix next to   it or it will not allow you to submit.

Lead Carpet Steam Cleaning Technician Job Details:

-$25 per Job (you will get 4 to 6 jobs daily), if job is over $200 its $35 per job
-Plus 25% commission
-Every $250 above $500 you make $25 extra (for example if your truck brings in $750, that’s your base, plus commission plus that $25.

We occasionally have other upsell contests, rewards to good reviews and you will be re-evaluated after 90 days for additional raises.

During the training period you will make $100 per day. Training length will be determined based on your past experience. For example, if you already know how to steam clean carpets training can take as less as (3) days. For beginners training can take up to 2-weeks. You will need to let us know if you feel comfortable enough to start running a truck by yourself.

Your days off will be (Tuesday & Sunday)  or (Tuesday & Wednesday) your choice, but we rotate it if you need off another day. We ask you let us know on a monthly basis any pre-planned days you have off. But, if anything comes up please ask off a week in advance if possible or at least a couple of days so that we can plan ahead. 

Your work hours will rotate per day. You may be required to come in at 7am, 8am, or even 9am for your 1st job. You will be notified on a daily basis on those times because our customers often cancel or reschedule.

 Job Description Details:

Driving all over Charlotte and the surrounding areas and will need an active driver’s license. --Driver must be fully alert because he or she will be on the go and speaking with customers. We are seeking an individual with the following skills:

*Must have good customer service skills.
*Must be willing to suggest upsells on services like pet treatments or upholstery cleanings (gives you extra money too).
*Must have a license and good driving record (no dui or bad accidents)
*Must be able to learn invoicing system and credit card processing.
 *Must be energetic.
*Must be fast-paced.
 *Must understand smart phone google calendars and be able to call customers (a work phone will be provided).
*Must be able to use a GPS
*Will be trained on how to enter invoices digitally and must learn our invoicing system.
*Must respect customers and their property.

You will be pulling hoses and steam cleaning using a truck mounted system.

You will not be moving any large furniture.

You will be Steam Cleaning:
Area Rugs (Wool and Synthetic)
Upholstery & Mattresses
Tile & Grout
Showers & Mold
Spot & Red Dye Treatment
Soil Filtration
Steam Cleaning Base Boards
Light Pressure Washing
Pet Issues such as Odors & Stains
Heavy Water Extraction
Hardwood Floors

You will be speaking to customers and presenting our company. Upsells are not difficult, you just simply ask the customer if they are interested in adding on items. You will be driving our vans to customer's houses and you will be required to drive to the destination of the van and drop off the van after your shift is over. A work phone and credit card will be provided in the vans.

Our company has a family event twice a year in which we invite you and your immediate family members to a nice dinner; generally the technician’s choice. Those are hosted in June and December. 

Dress code consists of Khaki pants or shorts and a comfortable pair of shoes. We provide a work shirt which is required to be worn at each job site.