Tile and Grout - will be explained soon.

Soil Filtration - Are your air filters clean? Did you know your home traps an unprecedented number of bad allergens? Known as Dust, which is floating dead skin cells. Guess who also hitches a ride Dust mites etc. In order maintain a healthy living environment we recommend you clean or replace your air filters every 90 days. Make sure you write the date on the side or back. By doing so you will eliminate about 80% of your cleaning needs. When dust, dirt, and soil come in to your home the filter should catch it. "RIGHT" well it does depending on the quality air filter you use and how often you change it? When you don’t. The dust and debris. Has nowhere to flow so. It collects on the walls, ceiling, thus falling down over time causing "Soil Filtration" which are black line along the baseboards. This stuff can cause severe health problems. Such as chronic Allergies. Breathing problems. And traps viruses, and germs. Also over time this will blow your Ac compressor because it can’t breathe. Just like an engine in automobile.

Our solution - change the filters out every 90 days and vacuum on regular basis. This is just as important as getting your oil changed in your car!

What If Soil Filtration already exist in my home?

We send our best techs out for this stuff first we do a deep pre vacuum with our crevice tool. Then we pretreat the black lines with our patient formula, let it dwell for 10mins. Our solution will literally levitate the soils and unwanted hazards to the surface then we use our unique "Soil filtration" tool to extract the bi-product away leaving your home in a healthy environment. Soil filtration is just like a car without oil changes regularly this will cause gunk and buildup over time this costing hefty machanics work labor and high unnessary bills.

Tile & Grout

Carpet Cleaning / Steam Cleaning

Soil Filtration

Pet Treatment

Our carpet steam cleaning is the most affordable in all of Charlotte and the surrounding areas. You can call it Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Shampooing, or Carpet Steam Cleaning but we give the best results possible because we have a truck mounted system that heats and powers our cleaning equipment that exceeds over 225 degree hot water. This allows us to instantaneously create steam from our on-board water filtration system. The value of the equipment is $25,000 so you know are you getting the best carpet cleaning possible.

Our steam cleaning service involves a 4-step process: (1) We first spray down our special pre-spray that levitates the dirt and soil which activates the steaming process (2) Then, we use our hot water extraction method “Steam” which allows us to present a clean and fresh look to your carpets. (3) The truck mounted steaming system extracts the dirt, soil and grim from the surface and filtered back to our truck. This allows us to achieve what other house hold vacuums can’t. (4) Then, we apply our fresh scent deodorizer thus making your carpets smell fresh and looking new again.

We first steam clean and neautrilze the carpet or areas; then, go back with industrial strength peroxide solution to treat the actual stains. Your tech will determine this upon doing the job which is a 50/50 chance we can remove the stains unless the stains are sealed-in. There are many common household cleaners that have oxy brighteners in them that causes the stains to be sealed in. Then, we treat for the repugnant odor. We can 100% grantee to remove the odor. With our patented formula, we let Mother Nature do her work, the odor is the food source for the good bacteria (Enzyme) depending the amount of treatment discussed by our tech. If it smells like a wet dog it could take two treatments. This process has worked for many years. It takes up to fourteen days from the time it is applied.