Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our Minimum is $79

(2) Rooms/Areas$79.00
(3) Rooms/Areas$99.00
(4) Rooms/Areas$119.00
(5) Rooms/Areas$160.00
(6) Rooms/Areas$180.00
(7) Rooms/Areas$200.00
(8) Rooms/Areas$220.00
(9) Rooms/Areas$244.00
(10) Rooms/Areas$268.00
(11) Rooms/Areas$292.00
(12) Rooms/Areas$316.00
Additional Rooms/Areas Only $33 (Per Area)$33.00

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning (per normal sized room)$50.00
Glossy Finish (per room)$20.00
Hardwood Floor Cleaning (per Stair)$7.00
Glossy Finish (per Stair)$2.00
Screen(Dustless Sanding) (Polyurethane) & Re-coat$2.00 per sqft
New Stain Color & Polyurethane$4.00-$6.00 per sqft

Pet Odor Treatment

(2) Rooms Steam Cleaning (Plus Pet/Odor Treatment)$103.00
(3) Rooms Steam Cleaning (Plus Pet/Odor Treatment)$135.00
(4) Rooms Steam Cleaning (Plus Pet/Odor Treatment)$143.00
(5) Rooms Steam Cleaning (Plus Pet/Odor Treatment)$196.00
(6) Rooms Steam Cleaning (Plus Pet/Odor Treatment)$228.00
(7) Rooms Steam Cleaning (Plus Pet/Odor Treatment)$260.00
(8) Rooms Steam Cleaning (Plus Pet/Odor Treatment)$292.00

Red Dye Removal

Red Dye Removal (per area)$25.00

Auto, RV, Boat, Steam Cleaning

Auto Upholstery & Floors (Normal Sized Car)$99.00
Auto Upholstery & Floors (SUV or Van)$150.00-$200.00
Auto Leather Treatment & Steaming Floorboards$99.00


Soil Filtration

(We Steam the Edges and the Baseboards)
Soil Filtration (per normal sized room)$35.00

Upholstery/Furniture Cleaning

$10 – Scotch Guard Protection (Per Furniture Piece)

3-Seater Sofa$90.00
2-Seater Loveseat$75.00
Small Sectional Sofa (Seats 5 or Less)$150.00
Medium sectional sofa (Seats 7 or Less)$250.00
Oversized Sectional Sofa (Seats 8 or more)$350.00
Lazy Boy Chair (Recliner)$60.00
Ottoman (Depending Size)$25.00-$35.00
Living-room Package (3-Seater Sofa, 2-Seater Loveseat & Chair)$200.00

For Mattresses (only includes top and does not kill pests or bedbugs)

Twin Mattress$40.00
Full Mattress$60.00
Queen Mattress$80.00
King Mattress$100.00

Both Sides of Mattress Cleaned
(Only for top, Additonal $50 if you want sides and back)


Rug Cleaning

  • Prices are for cleaning at residence only
  • Prices vary for pet treatment
  • If you have silk, wool, viscose, some Turkish or polypropylene or any exotic rugs prices vary (Call for custom quote)
  • Prices vary with size and type, call us for a quote. Examples are below:
Area Rug (8×10) Synthetic$30.00
Area Rug (5×9) Synthetic$25.00
Area Rug (5×9) Wool$60.00
Area Rug (8×10) Wool Rug Special$100.00
Area Rug (9×12) Synthetic$80.00
Area Rug (9×12) Wool$250.00-$300.00
Additional (Take Area Rug to Shop)$50.00

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning (per Sq Foot)          $1.29

Additional Services and Prices

Soil Filtration (Per Normal Sized Room)$35.00
Restoration Treatment (Per Area)$10.00
Steam Cleaning BaseBoards (Per Area)$10.00
Tile & Grout (Per Sq Ft)$1.29
Showers & Mold (Per Shower)$100.00

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