Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

How does nature achieve perfection when creating a diamond? It applies heat and pressure, of course. And we follow the same rule.

For the more valuable investments in your home, such as your beloved carpets, we use a special system that uses heat and pressure to clear out dirt, dust and grime that might’ve gotten lodged within the bindings of your carpet.

To begin with, we use a pre-spray that brings dirt and soil up to the top of the carpet surface. Then, using our low/high pH balance solution of Clean Free, we extract this dirt and grime using heat and pressure to give your carpet a thorough cleaning. Our Clean Free product contains natural citrus and carbonated rinse, which ensures the protection of your carpet fibers for years to come. Once that’s done, voila! You get a carpet that looks as new as the day you bought it!

To retain the quality of your carpet and the service you avail, we recommend vacuuming your carpet regularly and keeping shoes away from it. Shoes act like sandpaper for your delicate carpet fibers and can permanently damage them over time. If you want to maintain that ‘good as new’ feel, take care of your carpets and get them steam cleaned every 6–8 months.

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