Carpet Cleaning / Steam Cleaning

How does nature achieve perfection when creating a diamond? It applies heat and pressure, of course. And we follow the same rule.

For the more valuable investments in your home, such as your beloved carpets, we use a special system that uses heat and pressure to clear out dirt, dust and grime that might’ve gotten lodged within the bindings of your carpet.

Hardwood Floor

We use the best tools and products in order to maintain your investment. We start off with an effective cleaner to bring out dirt and grime to the top surface; the next step involves using a Bona power scrubber that was especially brought in from Sweden. This machine uses a set of 360-degree counteractive brushes to clear your floors, using a patented hot water solution. Alongside, the machine sprays a specific solution that neutralizes your wood flooring pH.

Car Steam Cleaning

While there are many products available in stores to clean cars, steam cleaning works its way into the crevices, cutting through all the layers of dirt, grime, and cloth fibers that have caked on to your car.

Steam cleaning doesn’t involve using harsh chemicals, but a highly efficient cleaning system and Clean Free products that give you unparalleled results. The car’s upholstery and console/dash area is cleaned of all pests, germs and grime, leaving it looking good as new, and with that signature car smell!

Tile & Grout

From ceramic to natural stone, whatever type of flooring you have, you can be sure that Clean Free can make it look good as new again!

Depending on your tile’s cleaning needs, we use specific formulas to clear the surface and grout of any dirt and grime. We can also use products like a high sheen impregnated sealant to make sure your floor stays strong and shining for longer.